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Default Re: Brilliant Bow Maker and printed ribbon?

Originally Posted by samsmombeth View Post
I actually emailed her about the the other day. She said to put the print side away from you for the 1st step & it should work fine. I haven't had a chance to try it our again though.

Perhaps Karyn misunderstood your question. I have the Brilliant Bowmaker and can tell you that you can have either the bow loops OR the tails showing the print if you have a one-sided printed ribbon, using the bowmaker as described in the hanbook. Putting the print side away from you for the first step gives you the print on the bow loops only. As I see it, your options are:

1) Use double-sided ribbon (rare, I've seen only double sided dots)
2) Cut the tails very short so they aren't seen
3) Use a widely-spaced print (such as the star print shown in the criss cross bow on page 51 of the BB handbook) so that the fact that the plain reverse side shows for the tail is not too obvious
4) Do a double layer bow as shown on page 38 of the handbook, with a narrower single-sided print on top of a solid color (the tail of the solid color will show rather than the print, but it still looks great - nothing seems "wrong" or missing)
5) Cut your piece of printed ribbon a little longer than recommended, then cut a tail-length section off either end of the ribbon (about 2-3 inches, depending on the size of the bow) flip them over, and glue them back on to the printed ribbon center piece. It would be a technique similar to the criss cross bow, except there would be 3 sections instead of two. This will probably (I haven't tried it myself) make your center a bit bunchy but if you HAVE to have the tails matching the loops, and don't like the other work-arounds, it will work since the glued-together areas will be on the underside of the bow and therefore not too noticeable.

Of course, these are just my humble opinions as a Brilliant Bowmaker user. Karyn may have (probably has) more & better advice.

Good luck!


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