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Default Re: Home made light box

Originally Posted by Silleycats View Post
Those are great detailed pictures! what do you use to edit them? I tried the photo plus that was recommended on another thread, however it doesn't work on my Mac.

I used Photoshop, but I only did a few things:
1. Lighten the overall image
2. Remove the background with magic wand
3. Add a bit of contrast (after I have removed the background)

I think most photo editing softwares would be able to do what I did on photoshop.

The lightbox did most of the work. I used a regular Daylight lightbulb. If you need more light, this site gives you quite a bit of information on what bulb to buy:
TableTop Studio - Lighting Myths

Oh... and check out your camera functions. Sometimes, you can increase the exposure (allowing more light into the camera) to get a brighter pics. And that will save you heaps of editing time.

I did one batch of photos without a lightbox, and spent the whole afternoon editing. I gave up, took out my lightbox and took them again. And this time I spent only 1-2 hours editing nearly 100 photos.

All the best! I hope the information helps. Just message me if you need more help with this.

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