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Default advice please!

ok i have a friend that cleans houses and on one of those days she found that from a little store of scrapbooking where taking of some boxes with "trash" she decided to go and see what was on the boxes because they looked in good conditions and some beautiful paper was coming form inside of one, she started looking at the boxes and they were filled with plain cards mostly in light pink and green stripes, very cute, she ask if those things were trash and the lady said "yes", so she took them into her car and ask the lady if you have more paper in another time call me please i clean a house nearby here and i can pick it up, and the lady got mad she said well if i do that you will getting profit from my stuff, mi friend told her tha she will use it for church stuff and something else but not for selling, the lady just said no again,

now this is the problem, well my problem hehe, this friend gave me all the paper she had because i was in charge of making the invitations on my church ward, i used the paper in so many ways, hehe but i still have a box filled with some, do you think that would be a problem if a used them for the bows a made for sell to my friends? i mean i'm not charging for the paper, and it was trash, the other thing is that the paper has the name and the # in case you want to buy some, should i erase the name or leave it?

any opinions??????
thanks so much for your time !!!!!
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