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I came to this forum when Michelle was first starting this forum and I was a new bow maker!! I had some instructions that were not very good, and was looking for some help. I had been in another Yahoo group, and could never get any help when I posted questions. That is where I found Michelle who told me about this forum!! That was a very good day! I was instantly in a forum group with people who were eagar to help and share ideas! I asked all kinds of questions for about 2 months before I even attempted my first bow because I so wanted to do this well. I now have done a craft show that was very successful, and have started bringing my bows to work. People have really enjoyed my bows and I am starting to get lots of orders!! YEAH. I am still nervous about bowmaking at times, but I know that I can always come here and get the help and support that I need to succeed. I have learned alot about myself because of this Forum and I can't thank Michelle enough for being so open and kind to me. SHe has not been afraid to share her secrets with us and I hope that in return she is blessed by this. So HERE IS TO MICHELLE!! THANKS FOR HELPING OTHERS SUCCEED!! THANK YOU!!
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