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Originally Posted by daisymae View Post
oh that video was awesome, thanks for posting. it def cleared up some questions i had on how to do it. you guys are so helpful!!
i've asked for a bejeweler for christmas!
so, do ppl do those fancy designs? do they freehand them or buy patterns or can you print them off your computer somehow or what?
Letsay one couldn't find the design but one sees a pic that can be used as a design. Now, hotfixing one or 10 is no prob. but a good size design, is. So, what one can use is a Mylar Paper as a transfer paper. If you go to, it'll tell ya how to use it.

I've used and love the Mylar Paper,,,, =) and bought mine from hotfixqueen as well.

Oh, i bought my first and only hotfix tool from

cynthia =)
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