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Default Re: Bald Baby Bows?-update

I was right about the snap clips then.. I looked closely at her pics and i saw the metal part *peeking* thru the ribbon...

Originally Posted by ghbutterflies View Post
Well as I said previously, I ordered a BALD BABY BOW from the link someone provided. It is a snap clip. Tiny, but none the less, a clip. I tried every way possible to get this bow on my bald headed baby! LOL...NO WAY! It slipped off! The owner says to grab a tiny piece of HAIR and clip it on and it will stay...WHAT HAIR? HAHAHAHA...I could not get it to work-no way, no how. I emailed her, told her that this did not work for bald babies and she requested it be returned. I told her to not worry about that, I don't believe in returning items. Just wanted to let her know that MY bald baby couldn't wear it. She refunded me for the bow-less s&h. I didn't want a refund, however, I do want others to know that the bow is made with small tiny snap clips. My bald baby can't use it! Hopefully she will get hair SOON!! LOL

I'm not all that. I just like the last part.
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