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Default Re: Bald Baby Bows?-update

Well as I said previously, I ordered a BALD BABY BOW from the link someone provided. It is a snap clip. Tiny, but none the less, a clip. I tried every way possible to get this bow on my bald headed baby! LOL...NO WAY! It slipped off! The owner says to grab a tiny piece of HAIR and clip it on and it will stay...WHAT HAIR? HAHAHAHA...I could not get it to work-no way, no how. I emailed her, told her that this did not work for bald babies and she requested it be returned. I told her to not worry about that, I don't believe in returning items. Just wanted to let her know that MY bald baby couldn't wear it. She refunded me for the bow-less s&h. I didn't want a refund, however, I do want others to know that the bow is made with small tiny snap clips. My bald baby can't use it! Hopefully she will get hair SOON!! LOL
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