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Default Re: I have searched high and low to figure out what this is made of....

I forgive you! I don't care for any of the drama here and I think everybody has their own opinions and can ask whatever questions they want. Sorry that you had to get hurt! Stick around though...people here can be nice

Originally Posted by bowmom03b View Post

Okie dokie. I was just wondering why not to buy them from her. I get the whole fun of making something yourself. I guess I was just seeing the go the way of the 6 color headbands I just feel bad for the lady making them, because even if it starts as one nice lady (sorry I wasn't trying to be mean or hateful just curious as to why not to buy them) who wants to know how they are here it seems to end with someone selling directions on etsy and that would hurt someone elses business and that makes me sad. Sorry was not trying to be a witchy poo.

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