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Default Re: What brand of Stiffener?

So I burnt my first batch of starched bows... It was the cutest white satin w/ lime & hot pink candy printed on it. I was so bummed. FYI The oven was @ 275 F and they were only in there for 7 min!!!

I remembered hearing somewhere that you could just wash the ribbon and start over, so I tried it. The bows weren't mounted yet, and they were just simple bows, so I washed them still assembled. Believe it or not, the starch seemed to be what scorched, not the fabric! I washed the scorched starch right off.

Oddly enough, the ribbon still held its shape too! (Yay for polyester chains!) So I turned the oven off, re-sprayed the bows and popped them in the oven (still hot, but no longer on). I was able to save my bows!

I just thought I'd pass this along just in case somebody else scorches their ribbon so they don't end up throwing it away. If white satin will come clean, I'd imagine anything would!

What temp & time do you guys bake your starched ribbon for?
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