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Default Re: shoe pom pons

You can buy a tool to use to make them at any craft store but the chepest way is to take 2 round pieces of cardboard and cut the center out so that is basically looks like a washer. Put them side by side and start looping your yarn or ribbon around it thru the center hole. Wrap until you can't get any more thru the hole. Take your scissors and seperate it enough to get your scissors between the two pieces of cardboard and cut all the way around. you will have straight pieces that are being held by the fact that you have a lot of yarn in the center of the hole and it should not go anywhere. Take a piece of yarn and tie around the bundle of straight pieces (between the 2 pieces of cardboard) Tie it tight and then pull it out of the hole. You may have to trim to make it perfectly round. This is really easy until you start explaining it. Hope this helps.
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