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Default Re: My first korker and some questions

Lorrie - Thanks! It is so much fun!!! I'm totally hooked on finding color combos to match her clothes now!!!

Amber - Thanks! You should give it a try and post a picture!!!

notyomama - I appreciate your response. So far so good with the laundry starch.

Tonya - I know, I just thought I'd see what you seasoned pros found to work best. I ended up going with the alligato clip because that is what I already had. I will try it wth a french clip just for compairison.

Cyn - Paige has very thin, fine hair too. Unfortunately that's one of those things she got from me.

maryklvr - My cuts were about 2 1/2 inches. I decided to count curls instead of inches... seemed to work better for me. I had just over 30 pieces.

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