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Default Re: Instruction sellers?

Originally Posted by bowmom03b View Post
So your bow instructions then, those were all your ideas. None learned from other instructions or inspired by other bows you've seen?

No, no, I've been inspired by other people, and I make many designs that are free, but I would try not to directly copy someone else exactly. If there is a technique I want to try, I would see what I could do to change it up and do something new with it.

I'm talking things like my skull, or violin sculptures. The violin I sell instructions for, so I would expect to see some out there. But the skull is pretty unique and new, I've never seen one out there, so I would hope people would respect my creations enought to not run out and copy it exactly the next day. Now if someone could figure out how to fold the ribbon to make the same shape and put it together as a different face, (invert the nose add a beard and you could make Santa's or something.) Then, that's awesome that they can figure it out. I'm not bothered by the technique sharing. Plenty of people on here have pm'ed asking for help or ideas, or even design "secrets" . And can attest that I've been more than happy to help out.

It hurts when people flippantly acknowledge that they send copies of my instructions to everyone they know because there is no respect for my work. Apparently they feel I don't deserve or need to get paid for my ideas. And have told me this.

I just think there should be a level of respect for people, not only as people and crafters, but also because we're all hardworking moms, grandmas, sisters, aunts, friends, daughters etc. trying to make a living.

I started selling the instructions because I thought more people could benefit from them. The clips are fun to make. It makes me happy to see someone else do so well and be happy with their work. This is a big big world. There's lots of room, and this is supposed to be fun for everyone.
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