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Default Re: Instruction sellers?

Originally Posted by Littlepinkladybug View Post
If it is something that I sell instructions for, then no.

But if I don't sell the instructions for a really unique idea, or if someone takes the idea and doesn't even try put their own spin on it, yes that bothers me. And I'm not talking about items involving common ribbon folds or techniques. I'm talking the really unusual or detailed stuff. Where there is absolutely no doubt that it was copied.

It's been said that any good crafter can figure out things by looking at them. BUT (key point) they have to see the new idea first.

If you are blessed with the ability to duplicate something with no instruction, then congratulations, have fun, and enjoy your abilities.

But if you are blessed with the talent to come up with the new ideas, then I respect your talent, and believe you should reap the rewards of your gift and hard work when you create something unique.
So your bow instructions then, those were all your ideas. None learned from other instructions or inspired by other bows you've seen?
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