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Default Re: Bald Baby Bows?

Originally Posted by Holli4LB View Post
I have looked everywhere on how to get bows to stay on bald babies. I have tried the KYJelly thing and it didn't work for me. I haven't tried the corn syrup or velcro, although I would rather not use anything sticky. But I did find this website and wondered if anyone knew how she got the bow to stay in. She says she doesn't use velcro or glue so I was just curious.

Bald Baby Bows
Okay so I know you don't want anything sticky but when my daughter was bald for the first 3 years of her life, I used corn syrup. It was wonderful you just had to use a damp washrag or baby wipe and wipe it off.
There was no way with no hair you could put Velcro.

Go to the pharmacy at your local store and ask for a medicine syringe. It will hold the syrup with no drips. It only puts out a little dot and it is only where you want it to be. Hope this helps.
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