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Default Re: Best Baby bow option?

Originally Posted by ruby2 View Post
Kinda depends on your friends style. If she likes big boutique bows, then make up some headbands. If not, then itty bitty snap clips. Or make headbands with interchangeable clips, some big bows, som smaller bows, some flowers!

Sorry, I'm of no help deciding whatsoever!!
I have no idea what her style is yet since this is her first daughter... and I don't wanna ask or she would know my plan. LOL. I'm gonna start out subtleand if she says, "I need something I can see, darnit!" Then I'll break out the big headband bows. Plus, I don't have any of the headbands. And my deadline is looming...

Thanks to everyone for the help though... I might try a mix... or perhaps snapclips until I see the baby & then if she's completely bald... I can't remember if her son was bald or not... I don't think completely... hmmm... need to look at old pics...
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