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Default Re: Best Baby bow option?

If there's enough hair for any kind of clip, then I like the baby snap clips.

If there's not enough hair, then the sticky ones work well. I used karo syrup on my baby. I've heard elmers glue works well, too, but I never used it. I liked the karo b/c it's basically sugar, it's a food product meant for human consumption, as opposed to either of the others that are not meant to be eaten.

I most often used headbands with big bows.

Kinda depends on your friends style. If she likes big boutique bows, then make up some headbands. If not, then itty bitty snap clips. Or make headbands with interchangeable clips, some big bows, som smaller bows, some flowers!

Sorry, I'm of no help deciding whatsoever!!
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