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Default Best Baby bow option?

Hi, this probably has been asked I would think (hasn't every question?? LOL) Forgive me, but I just can't sit too long these days (back is being ornery lately), so I don't have as much time at a sitting to search... A friend of mine is having a little girl VERY soon (I should have made them long ago, but you know... When I plan to procrastinate, something always happens, and then I've procrastnated longer than planned. ), and I want to make bows that will stay on the baby's head best... What of the available options works out best for you guys? (Could do a poll, but can't figure it out in the time available for me to sit here. ) Velcro, just sticking them on (Anything better than KY??-feel a little wierd giving her KY with bows), ??? not sure of other options (never made bows when Gabby was a baby).... TIA to all of you!

PS> Ok, I guess I'm doing a poll... I forgot to uncheck it. LOL

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