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Default Re: What brand of Stiffener?

Maybe I'm a cheap-o, but I use Stay-Flo liquid starch from my local grocery store. It comes in a generous-sized blue jug. I add half starch & half water to a generic spray bottle. The stuff works GREAT. It doesn't change the color of the fabric, it doesn't smell, and so far it hasn't clogged my spray bottle.

Okay, I'll admit it. I am a cheap-o. I spray my bows in a Gladware container, then turn the spray bottle upside down & spray to empty the nozzle (by spraying all the starch in the tube & nozzle out - this prevents clogging), then I unscrew the top and dump all the overspray back in the bottle. Very little waste. Very little cost.

Sooooo do any of you guys cheat and use a hair dryer, or put your bows in the oven to speed up drying???

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