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Default Re: Flowers on clips or headbands

Originally Posted by Adrienne View Post
I attached some flowers to some clippies and to some nylon headbands and all of the flowers are flat and droopy. I took out the middle part of the flower and sewed the layers together and then glued on a rhinestone to cover the hole in the middle. I think by taking out the middle part of the flower has now made it not want to stand up. Does that make sense?
Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
I'd like to see what others say as well! I know people do take them all apart, but the ones I have made so far: I cut off the stem and pull the plastic part off the back. I snip the stub of stem that's left, and glue a piece of ribbon to cover that up. I then glue a few of the petals to eachother deep down in the center. . .to make sure it's stays together. Then I attach I lined alli clip. Make sense?!? HTH!
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