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Default Re: Fav Korker makers

Originally Posted by kalibug View Post
So you just go straight in the middle and keep adding and adding korkers and wrap around? I wanted to try and sew, but I didnt think I would be able to easily do that without a big mess. Right now I can undo it and retry.
I sew mine too.

For "bow korkers" (ones with a ribbon that divides the korker into 2 halves), I put my korker ribbons all on the needle, stacking them directly on top of each other, all in the same direction. Then I pull the needle through and wrap it.

For "puff korkers" (ones without a center ribbon/like a pom pom), I put the korker ribbons on the needle in all different directions so that they keep making a circle around the needle. When I have them all on the needle, I pull it through and make a couple of tiny stitches.
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