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Originally Posted by ainsleymallory View Post
It hasn't always been this way! Three yrs ago I was told my life style ( I was working 14 hr days) was killing me. I have both Lupus and fibromyalgia. We sold my business and closed his. He has seen me when I couldn't even get out of bed the pain is soo bad. He wasn't happy last night when I took on another store. He is just worried that I am over doing it and going to be as sick as I was before. I worry about money, I went thru our savings having medical treatments! I am uninsurable! So even though it is wonderful he takes such good care of me, I wish he didn't fill the need too. What is amazing my hands were drawing up and I was doing therapy 3 times a week for them, now that I make bows everday I no longer do therapy and have better use of them then I have had in years! I still have no strength in them and propably hold the ribbon differently then most of you. But where there is a will there is a way!!
Oh Ainsley, I had no idea!! I do hope you're not in pain anymore and you're in our prayers!! 14 hrs a day is a lot. Sounds like my hubby. In at 5 am and home about 8 pm. I guess I shouldn't complain, since we don't have to worry about money too much. We're not rich, but at least the bills are paid and we're both healthy enough to work. Do you sell your bows on Ebay or do you use another avenue??
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