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Default Re: How 2 Make Fabric Button W/out Kit

Originally Posted by danielle06 View Post
I was merely pointing out what she wrote and stated that there are probably the very same instructions out there by someone else - I was trying to help and offered the directions I use - I'm not a legal expert and don't know if there could be ramifications - I was just pointing it out so that the OP and anyone else could make an informed decision about using and promoting her instructions. If that irritates you, I apologize.
Oh, I wasn't irritated with you for posting that, I was just letting out frustration about the concept that people put disclaimers saying that you cannot sell items that you make using their tutorials. That is what is irritating to me for the reasons I had replied originally. I agree that others have very likely created tutorials with the same information ... I'm sorry if I offended you, I honestly didn't intend to. I'm not a frequent poster but I try to visit this board often and post occasionally. I guess my emotions got the best of me that day. LOL Again, I'm sorry.
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