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Default I'm frustrated

People just LOVE korkers. So far ALL of my sales but one have been korkers. The problem is they take FOREVER. I have been letting people choose their own colors but honestly that is a pain. I spend close to an hour and a half on each one when you count the time wrapping the ribbon around the dowels, baking, cutting, and tieing. Then I have to seal the ends and starch them. People don't want to pay much for them. I don't know what to do. Last week I had a woman order piggy korkers, 2 pairs, then change her mind on the colors after I had them baked, cut, tied, and ready to put on the clips. I really have better things to do with my time than work THAT long for $5, but I also want happy customers.
I'm thinking of taking korkers off my listings OR stopping the M2M on korkers. Am I just not charging enough? I am charging $5 for a set of small piggy korkers and $5 for a big ponytail holder korker. I dunno what to do but I know I'm spending WAY too much time on the korkers. I end up baking EVERY day because I get another order and it is the same process again.
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