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Originally Posted by mbland View Post
Honsetly, I don't like mine. I just can't get a good 3 crease. It will do a double crease do problem. I just like the 3 crease look a lot better and I don't want to use organza to tie off my bow plus it slows me down and then not to get the right crease makes me want to throw it across the room. If anyone would like it I will sell it to you cheaper than what I paid for it. I use the my alligator clips to hold my baby mini bows and I like the crease I get better.
good to know. I read the other post about using the large clip from Sally's. I am going to go buy that and try it today. I also like doing the 3 creases, but I can't get it myself. The largest ribbon I like to use is 7/8 and it is hard to get 3 creases. Hopefully the clip will work!
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