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Question opinions wanted

I am VERY new to bow making. I just started the first part of July. I am trying so hard to get the boutique bows down as that is what most people (myself included) are wanting.

I am hoping someone can help me get these straightened out. I can tell that they aren't all even. I can normally get 3 of the 4 loops looking good. And they looked kind of scrunched up. Would anyone mind giving tips on how to make them look better, please?

please be nice! These are only my 2nd, 3rd, and 4th bows to make like this.

this was my 2nd go at the twisted look and loopys:

and this was a 3rd go at it: (i think it looks much better in person)

and then this is my last try at it: the spikes look longer on the top because the bow is already attached to a french clip, and it's making the bow lie on the bottom edge

i thought maybe i just can't do it right with the 1.5, so then today i did this with the 7/8. of course, it's not finished but at least it looks a bit better (i think)

thanks in advance for your input!
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