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Default Re: Cutting Korkers With Wood Burner?

I've cut them 2 ways with my woodburner. I've mostly used my little metal ruler, holding it between my L thumb and middle finger with the ruler perpendicular to the ribbon (not lying flat) and my index finger on the other side of where I'm cutting to flatten out a small space. Then I can swipe the woodburner really fast over the ribbon right up against the ruler.

But a week ago, I was making korkers and didn't have my ruler handy, so I used an alligatore clip instead. It was so much easier. I put the clip right on the edge of where I wanted to cut and flattened out a little area to the left of the clip, with my left index finger. I just swiped the woodburner up against the clip, and it was done. So, so, so easy this way, and you don't have as much of a chance of burning yourself.

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