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Default Re: need help w/ daddys girl ribbon

I have the lil sister and big sister ribbon. I can't make a bow where it's completely readable either but I make a pinwheel with it. You see the words on each loop and are able to understand what it says. My ribbon is 7/8. I use the instructions for this bow but I make 3 of them instead of 2 and put them together since it's only 7/8. Just play with it a bit until you get all the words to show somewhere on the front of the bow. 3.5 Pinwheel Hairbows : Hip Girl Boutique!, Hair Bows, Baby Hair Clips, Rockabilly Hair Accessories and more.

I hope that helps. Hopefully I don't sound too confusing. I'm usually not up this early and I'm not all there I'm like a zombie right now.
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