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Default Re: Cutting Korkers With Wood Burner?

Originally Posted by saldanaaa View Post
I need some tips for cutting my korkers with my wood burner...Do you cut the ribbon at an angle, or straight across? I've tried both but I think it's making the end of the korker straighten out a little...I hope this makes since...If not I can post up some pictures!

I cut mine with my wood burner on an angle. I bought my wood burner probably 2 months ago but was scared of it and just tried it a couple weeks ago. I love it! But it did burn myself pretty good the first few times cutting korkers with it. My korkers usually spring back just fine after straightening them to cut. I'm not sure what to suggest for that. Hopefully someone else does. I usually cook my korkers for a good 35-40 minutes but maybe that's just my oven. I like a tighter curl. I also spray them with hairspray before taking them off of the dowels. I know some people spray them with starch before cooking them. I dunno just some thoughts. Good luck!

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