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Default Re: Would hair gel work?

I would think that the amount of vasaline needed to hold a bow would be really hard to get out of the infant's hair. I once used baby oil gel to get my DD's cradle cap off when she was a newborn - granted, I used alot, but I COULDN'T get the stuff out for the life of me! (she had a decent amount of hair, but not a huge amount) So I would definitely try it before giving it as a gift.

Also, gel tends to dry 'hard' or 'flakey', so I'm not sure it would be good as an 'adhesive'. But if you used a 'paste' of some sort - like a tacky one - Paul Mitchell makes XTG (a styling glue) and ICE, by Joico makes a water resistant styling glue (that would shampoo out). I would think a little dab of that stuff would work.

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