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Default Re: Boutique layered loopy

Originally Posted by funybuny View Post
I think your biggest trouble is your center bow. If you I think if you can work on getting that more perky (see how her loops come a lot closer together?).

Your second bow looks better because you can see more of the spikes, but it looks like the bottom right loop is actually coming undone from the center (maybe it's just the picture?)

Here's a picture of my first and last layered bow! LOL They are a TON of work - and mine still doesn't look right.

I noticed in this picture, there isn't a ribbon around the bow and surrounds (in the center). I thought you were supossed to do that? Maybe not? I did some like this when I first started but they didn't look right to me without a ribbon around the bow and surrounds, so then I started putting 3/8 ribbon in the center and now each side looks too 'separate'. So now I'm stuck because both ways (on mine) don't look right to me but I don't know what I'm doing wrong! Hope that makes sense.
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