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Default Re: Boutique layered loopy

Originally Posted by j2garnett View Post
This one is good for surrounds:

Free Instructions: Loopy Surround-a-Bow Surrounds Surround

(although I still hot glue instead of sew for the surrounds)

I think you need to make your spikes a bit shorter as well - take my advice with a grain of salt because mine aren't perfect either.

Maybe Chantelle will come in here and tell us what to do, hers are perfect!
Thanks Jen. Except I avoid surrounds like the plague. I can kind of get it but I don't enjoy doing them so I tend to just go without.

I think the second bow is definately on the right track. Just shorten your spikes a little. Like one of the other girls said, try and keep a little gap between your surround loops. Like they say, practice makes perfect, you'll get there.
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