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Default Re: Flames Stencils?

I bought the iron on transfer paper at HL. I have used it to make tee shirts for competitions before. I printed the pdf Sabine sent me on the paper. She arranged it so that 10 of them fit on the paper so I can make 5 bows with one sheet. I used my small scissors to cut out the top of the flames. Then I ironed it on the tails. Tried using the hot knife to cut out the flames on the bottom. I'm impatient. So I cut that part with the scissors as well. Not sure how I'll do the 125 of them.

The coach emailed me and said she likes the all red and black one. So I'm going to send three. One as is. Another I will outline the black with black paint. Another I will hot fix black crystals, maybe black and red over the outline.
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