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Default Re: How can I improve

Originally Posted by heavenlyhairbows View Post
Hey everyone is entitled to their opioion and I welcome the CC. I am ok b/c I agree somewhat becasue I know it is not what it should be... about the center knot... it will have to stay for now b/c I do not want to mess it up anymore to try to change it, but I will always do that from now on or use solid. My V's stink b/c my scissors stink... I need to invest in some good scissors. Thanks you are sweet

Evil scissors. When I was having spike issues, that was my problem, instead of cutting they were just shredding. My V's would end up horrible and my strait ends were well...I don't even know lol

I finally stole the good scissors out of our kitchen and gave up on trying to find my crafing scissors that got lost when I moved last month lol
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