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Default Re: Flames Stencils?

Originally Posted by Sabine_in_MG View Post
Claire, they're fully washable if you put them in the washer (I do this with my sew-in labels before I even cut them apart) on hot, wash them, dry them in the dryer, they'll be fine.
If you spot-clean, or if you get them wet and let them sit, or even if you let them hang-dry after washing, the colors may run or bleed.
This goes for most heat-transfers
So I'm "rough" with my stuff and put them through the dryer :P

As for "how this works".... if you want the image I will format it for you to fit as many as possible onto one 8 1/2 by 11 sheet. Then I'll send you a .PDF file to make sure it's a nice and crisp print quality. The file might be large, but the quality is superb!

I'll send it out in a little while, have to make ice-cream with my sons LOL.

Sounds perfect! I haven't even had time to look at the stencils or anything else. Hopefully when things slow down tonight I can work on it.
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