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Default Re: I want perky bows!!! LOL

Originally Posted by bella01 View Post
I have struggled with this too. What helped me the most (aside from LOTS of practice) was finally getting the ribbon lengths down. I was using too short of ribbons to make really perky bows. I had the fold down, but the ribbon was too short, once I made them longer they perked up. Somewhere on this site is a cheat sheet of lengths for ribbons, I'd look that up if you haven't already seen it.
I am glad you said that because this is something I have been thinking about for a few weeks. I think this is my problem with getting perky bows...I've only been doing this for a few months and kind of rebelliously have just been using whatever lengths I want, but I am seeing that although it might make an alright bow, it isn't filling out the sorrounding ribbon right and it isn't perky! I hate seeing my problem and not knowing how to fix it lol but I think this is it!

I am going to sit down and actually try using recommended lengths for certain widths and see if this can help me improve. I really want to be better at this, as I admire the work alot of you girls on here do! This is a hobby for me but I don't like being mediocre at the things I do and right now I feel like I am. I know with that, you are your own worst critic, but I think in this case I am critiqing myself hard for a reason, because I really do need and want to improve. Practice practice practice!
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