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Default Re: OK, I'm just not getting this!!

Okay the first few pages I felt sorry for them attacking you. I really did. Then I noticed you don't let it go. I'm starting to wonder if your going for a new record on many pages you can make one post... I'm new at bow making BUT I spend all my free time practicing. I started doing it the cheater way with salon clips and floss and I knew that I could not sell those. They slip out of place and they looked horrible. I had every intention of selling them too.. Then I said why selling something I don't stand behind. Now I'm mastering hand sewing and when I feel I've mastered it I'll sell. Not until then.

As far as CC The only one I would personally buy was the turtle. The edges looked clean. I would keep working on the ones you've "mastered" because I don't personally think they are sell ready.

I think that's the kind of response you wanted... One you can reply to and keep this thread going for awhile longer right?

flame on...
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