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Default Re: OK, I'm just not getting this!!

Originally Posted by heavenlyhairbows View Post
I think some ppl (myself included) were all little taken back by someone feeling that they could master something in a month that we have been pouring our heart and soul into for so long.

I think maybe if a pic was posted that said ok where am I going wrong it would have been more welcomed but...
I never said I wanted to master it in a month. I've done a lot of different things in my life, enough to know that anything that is done well isn't mastered quickly! I simply said I'd been pouring over instructions and can't seem to get it - I meant I can't seem to get some of the very basics and was wondering if I was just missing something. That's all!

Believe me, for the very short time that I've been doing this I too have been pouring my heart and soul into it trying to perfect the bows I have gotten down and trying to get better at the ones I'm not so good at!

Same as you, except for I'm just beginning. I really appreciate all of the positive advice and constructive criticism...
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