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Default Re: OK, I'm just not getting this!!

I respect that. I just know that if I had a question, like the original poster, and it was answered that way I would have felt stupid. Like I said before, statements such as "people like you" don't have a friendly connotation. I am a firm believer in truth and believe in constructive criticism. As someone said yesterday in a post, honestly is how people are going to get better. I don't think she should have been lied to, just didn't agree with the nippy way it was answered. I'm truly sorry that Littlecanofbeans took it as an attack against her. She wasn't even the one who wrote the comment I was originally referring to! I just feel a little sorry for people who come on here and don't know any better than to ask certain questions. Private message them for crying outloud. If I got an answer like that I sure wouldn't be coming to this forum anymore for advice! Just my thoughts. I honestly didn't mean for it to turn into this. I just believe in being respectful with criticism. I work with a part of population that are stereotyped and critisized every day so I'm a little sensitive to it. I see what the wrong kind of comments that may seem harmless and justified just because they are truthful do to some people. That's all. Good night.