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Default Re: OK, I'm just not getting this!!

By saying something along the lines of "because of people like you" can be seen as threatening. This opinion may be held by many people on here, and that's fine. I'm by no means an expert bow maker, but what exactly makes a person an expert at anything? Most of everything I've read on here has been positive and helpful and I don't feel like you shouldn't be able to voice your opinions. But Geez, there's a right and wrong way to voice your obvious frustration. Way to show people what kind of reactions they are going to get for asking a question. I must say, that I, too, would never commit to something that you don't know a lot about. Your comment was harsh - bottom line. You can write all day that you were only writing what others didn't have the guts to say. That tells me that you knew it was rude! If I ask a question on here I expect constructive criticism and nothing less, but not answers like that thankyou!

THANK YOU to all the people on here that provide positive advice and encouragement to those of us who may not be an "expert", but just want to learn your craft. All of us "newbies" appreciate you. I think that in a setting like maybe comments that are negative should be privately messaged so they aren't possibly "misinterpreted" by others.