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Default Re: OK, I'm just not getting this!!

Originally Posted by funybuny View Post
I don't think I have seen anyone on this forum who is unwilling to share/help - that's what the whole forum is about! Some people have become more cautious of what they share, only because they have had their pictures stolen and that to me is understandable. I have learned so much here, and it's all only because people have been willing to share. And I hope to pass on things that I have learned to others
I'm so glad you and others are willing to share. You are one of the reasons I come here; you are one of those people I have learned so much from and am so grateful for. But I do want to give an example of what I was referring to in my pp. From the original post, it took until the 2nd page before anyone offered any specific guidance. Practice, practice, practice is great advise, but for her to post her question on here tells me that she has been practicing and needs more guidance. Before she was offered any specific help, she was criticized for her post. That's the kind of thing I have a problem with.