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Default Re: OK, I'm just not getting this!!

Originally Posted by jenniferw75 View Post
So I thought I was going to be smart and start making and selling bows and clippies..."can't be that hard right?"

I download and print off page after page after freakin' PAGE of instructions on all sorts of cute bows - and half of them I just can't make! I have got the character bows down (princesses, etc) but it's the "normal" bows I'm having trouble with! Is anyone in the same boat or have any advice??

A friend is letting me come with her to a craft show next month and I have got to figure out how to make my bows look like the pictures! I'm terrible with a needle and thread, so maybe this is part of the problem? Does it just take practice, or some special tricks and tips?

Have you tried buying good instructions like Tricks of The Trade at The Ribbon Retreat? The bowmaker that come with it really, really helped get my pinwheel bows to look crisper. I don't care for the boutique bow that it gives, but now I'm working on the twisted boutique....That's my goal....I'll be happy then!
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