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Default Re: OK, I'm just not getting this!!

Originally Posted by ldelzer View Post
This is the problem with this situation: You jumped the gun and started the business side before learning the technique side. You committed yourself to a show before even knowing how to make a pinwheel?

The market is flooded with bowmakers, most of whom are just like you. They don't take their time to become good before they start selling. This is horrible for the market. It creates a bad image and it devalues the good product.

I think you will find that craft shows are a tough road to hoe when it comes to earning money. Expenses are higher than ever and you can show up and there be 4 other bow makers (if you are lucky). People don't spend money like they used to.

I make and sell 1,000's of bows. So, yes, I tend to find posts like this offensive. I'm sure you are a nice person, but you need to do research before taking action.
OK, wow - my post was NOT meant to offend anyone! If you are a good bow maker then a beginner like myself will not affect you in any way.

Like I said, I WANT to start a side business doing bows and such because I ALREADY do some of the easier ones, as well as tutu's for my daughter. Yes, I can make some of the easier bows but I know that in order to sell them to other people then I will have to perfect the others on this board.

That's why I posted my thread - to get advice, not to get berated. I have gotten some great advice, which I greatly appreciate.

While you take offense to my post, I myself take offense to the comment of the market being flooded with people "just like you" - people like what? People who are just now starting out and learning...just like you did when you started. So if my post offended you that bad you shouldn't have commented. I am here to get advice.