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Default Re: OK, I'm just not getting this!!

Ok have to put my 2 cents in and I'm so not trying to start anything. I do not at all think that she meant to offend anyone. How many times have us ladies gone to a craft show and saw something (maybe not a bow or a great sewn boutique outfit) and thought...hmmm I can make that it can't be that hard right? I mean I'm not that crafty but when I saw those hillbilly wind chimes (think coat hanger,twine, fish hook, and empty beer cans, and a simple painted sign that reads "Gone Fishing" ) well darn it how hard can THAT be?

I think we are just more sensitive because the market is slow and there are people out there who think "Wow that price is crazy, I can make that and make it better" or worse you get ones who think they are good and sell them and the ends are frayed and clips aren't lined etc and we all get a bad rep. I DO NOT THINK this was her intention. She admitted it was harder than she thought it was at first.

I will also say this too, if it were me I'd take more time "perfecting the craft" before jumping on to the craft show band wagon. Why not try a few simple clips and korkers (I hate making them) to take to the craft show, something you are familiar with and wait a little longer for the big bows and the more difficult stuff. Good luck and welcome to the group.

I hope I didn't upset anyone.

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