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Default Re: OK, I'm just not getting this!!

I totally agree that it just takes practice. My first bows looked like total crap! You just have to keep trying. Good luck on trying the pinwheel! I still can't do that one very well. I actually use a cheat method for those and mine don't have any tails. You take two separate pices of ribbon that are the same length. Sew the ends of one piece together then do the same for the other. You'll have two circles now. You then take a needle and thread and weave the needle through the middle of the first ribbon, then the second. Don't pull the needle all the way through yet. Once you've woven each piece you pinch the centers together. It should make a nice center crease. Then, while still holding the center tightly, pull the needle through and wrap the thread around the middle of the bow 4 or 5 times and tie it off. The ends that you sewed up at the beginning should be in the middle so they can be hidden with whatever center you decide to use. Keep practicing and don't give up! You'll get it!!!
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