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Default Re: OK, I'm just not getting this!!

Originally Posted by jenniferw75 View Post
So I thought I was going to be smart and start making and selling bows and clippies..."can't be that hard right?"
A lot of ladies here might find that slightly offensive. This is a hobby for me and I try not to take it too seriously, but I have spent a LOT of time, energy, and money in learning this skill. It's not easy, at least it wasn't to me. And it takes a lot of patience and practice. It's definitely not a get-rich-quick hobby. I'm not trying to discourage you from learning bowmaking, but it is a skill, and as such takes knowledge and effort. As you have seen, it's not as easy as just following the directions. Good luck with your endeavor and try using the search feature on the boards to research specific topics.
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