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Default Re: 2 Ques.! Infant 'stick on' bows and satin bows. . .

Thanks girlie! I pmed ya earlier. I'm thinking the bags would be in the jewelry section?

Originally Posted by zoeymama View Post
Wal-Mart has those little plastic bags, too. K-y is what our hospital used and what they recommended to us. Some people use kayro syrup, but I just couldn't do it and K-Y worked great for us. I am not sure about a boutique style, but there is one I use that works great for satin. It has a cardboard template. I thought I got it on here, but I can't find it now. We are on the way out the door. I will look when we get back. I did find these:

Free Mini Hair Bow Instructions: mini bows hairbows, free directions
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