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Default 2 Ques.! Infant 'stick on' bows and satin bows. . .

Hi girls! I was wondering if you make those teeny tiny infant bows that you stick on your little newborn's hairless head. . .do you make these or buy them in a pack? Also, what do you rec. customers using to apply them with? Do these sell for you? And should I sell them in a pack or say 3 or 5? Thanks!

Also, I have some satin ribbon and wanted to make them in the classic boutique style I make w/ the grosgrain. Having a terrible time getting them to look right. So I did a sort of 'basic stlye' bow, one bigger and then a smaller one and layered it. It's not terrible but I wanted to the boutique look! I'm using 1.5" ribbon. . .and was originally using the figure 8 fold. I'll post pics of what I managed later. Thanks so much!
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