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Default Re: Best glue and scissors??

Originally Posted by slmmm View Post
My hubby bought me a pair of gingher scissors.....I let them sit in the bag for nearly two months because they were so expensive I thought I should take them back.....well I broke them out this week and pulled them out....and it's night and day between my other scissors. It was so hard to cut really straight with my other scissors (a pair of fabric scissors about 20 years old) and get really good v cuts...well now it's a whole new world! They are worth every penny!!!

I wholeheartedly agree - Gingher scissors are the best! I bought myself 3 pairs (!) around Christmas/New Years using Michael's 50% off coupons and they were a great investment. If you plan to use them for ribbon only, I recommend the lightweight (plastic handle) Gingher dressmaker shears and embroidery scissors. I also bought the heavier (solid metal) dressmaker shears which are designed to cut through multiple layers of heavy fabric. They work best when you are cutting on a table, which I rarely do for ribbon - I cut ribbon "in mid-air" basically, from rolls in various positions and the metal Gingher scissors are a bit heavy for that. The embroidery scissors are great for ribbon sculptures, clippies, other small projects, etc.


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