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Default Re: Interesting info on Magnatac

That's odd. One member said she couldn't pull the ribbon of the clip or was it off of something else? But with Fabric Tac, one can pull the ribbon off the clippy. If it's the same, then why MagnaTac doesn't hv the same strength as FabricTac...

Dang, and I almost got the MagnaTac. Of course, I can't get/find it locally 'cept for ebay.

...........................Nah,,... I'll believe that company until I try MagnaTac myself. Off to get one now *curiousity kills the cat*

ETA: Just bought one...will update when I rcv it. Maybe with more feedback from us girls to confirm that Magna-Tac is NOT the same as Fabric-Tac, we can correct the Mr

I'm not all that. I just like the last part.

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