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Default Re: please help - I'm hurting myself

Originally Posted by homeschoolmom View Post
I just got a wood burner too- I can not remember if it was here or somewhere else I saw they use glass to cut on- So....I took an old picture frame put a piece of grid paper in it also I used the ruler ribbon LOL and put it in the frame and then used the glue gun to glue the wood burner base to one corner of the frame- It works really well and it was free to make!
Thanks for the picture I was wondering if it would work to keep the frame on there, and how smart of you to put a ruler underneath too We have a $3 frame w/ glass in our PX. I will probably get that.

I just ordered one from - the Weller WSB25HK 8 Piece 25 Watt Short Barrel Hobby Iron Kit. I hope that is a good one. It had two good reviews.

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